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2019 | 18


Thursday, 17th of January 2019, 17 hrs
Innsbruck, University, Austria

Talk on the two artistic research projects TransCoding and GAPPP at the Ringvorlesung of the University of Innsbruck on the overall topic of "Diversität der Medien – Medien der Diversität"

Thursday, 31st of January 2019, 12 hrs
Reykjavik, University, Iceland

Talk on the two artistic research projects TransCoding at the University of Arts, Iceland


Saturday, 1st of February 2019, 16 hrs
Hafnarborg, Festival Dark Music Days- Iceland

Performance of "Osculation" for violin, speaker and three movable loudspeakers, a follow up work on the artistic research project TransCoding

Thursday, 21st of February 2019, 16.45 hrs
Orpheus Institut, Korte Meer 12, 9000 Gent, Belgium, www.orpheusinstituut
Seminar of the Orpheus Institute Belgium: From Authorship and Spectatorship to Usership in Music

Talk on TransCoding



Saturday, 27nd of January 2018, 20 hrs
Tallinn, Music University, Estonia

Performance of Slices of Life – (2016/17) for violin, soundtrack and video, composition and performance Barbara Lüneburg, created with contributions of the community of TransCoding | What if


Sunday, 18th of March 2018, 20 hrs
Neue Musik Ruprechtskirche, Wien (A)

Performance of Slices of Life – (2016/17) for violin, soundtrack and video, composition and performance Barbara Lüneburg, created with contributions of the community of TransCoding | What if

The first half of the programme consisted of the composition Steina for violin, live-generated video and live-generated electronics by Marko Ciciliani.


4th of April 2018
Frühjahrstagung 2018 INMM Darmstadt

Panel Discussion on the topic "Forum Aesthetics" and performance of an excerpt of Slices of Life. Further panel members are Dieter Mersch, philosopher and researcher, and Marc Bangert, performance researcher and neurologist.

14 -17 of April 2018
Workshop and concert at the festival "Eesti Muusika Päevad 2018"

Performance of They speak in layered... for violin, soundtrack and video, a composition that was inspired by the travelling artist Monique Besten's contribution to our question "What gets your creativity going?".


15th of May 2018
Release of the monograph on TransCoding
published at [transcript], Germany.

Cover of the monograph on TransCoding

Based on the artworks that emerged from the project, Barbara Lüneburg investigates authorship, authority, motivational factors, and aesthetics in participatory art created with the help of web 2.0 technology. The interdisciplinary approach includes perspectives from sociology, cultural and media studies, and offers an exclusive view and analysis from the inside through the method of artistic research. In addition, the study documents selected community projects and the creation processes of the artworks Slices of Life and Read me.


14th of August 2018
Talk on Slices of Life at the conference IsaScience 2018

Topic of the conference: Over the past few decades, a rich body of literature has explored how individuals and groups use music as a resource to achieve social, cultural, and political participation and to bring about social change in society. Studies have also investigated music’s use by political groups and parties in the past and present to impose authoritarian, neoliberal, or even fascist political ideas. Finally, research in this area is concerned with the promise and myth of democratisation through technology with regard to music production, distribution, and reception/appropriation (quoted from the folder of IsaScience 2018).

30th of August 2018
Slices of Life at Inner Sounds Festival, Bucarest, Romania

Slices of Life will be presented in the home town of community member Sabina Ulubeanu who contributed her beautiful photographs to the section Slices of Life – Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


14th of September 2018
Slices of Life at Open Days Festival, Aalborg, Denmark

Slices fo Life will be presented in the home town of Louis Aguirre whose is featured in the section Slices of Life –I am a Priest"

29th of September 2018
Slices of Life at the Conference "Bringing New Music to New Audiences", Leicester, United Kingdom

Talk on TransCoding and Performance of Slices of Life.

2017 | 16 | 15 | 14


Thursday, 12th of January 2017, 20 hrs
Minnoriten Kloster, Graz

Performance of Soundwaves for violin and tape by Barbara Lüneburg, a composition realised within the framework of TransCoding.


Thursday, 23rd and 24th of February 2017, 20hrs
MICA, Plattform Musikvermittlung Österreich, Mumuth, Graz (A), University of Music and Performing Arts

Barbara Lüneburg premieres Slices of Life in its full 30 minutes length and delivers a talk on the research project TransCoding.

Slices of Life (2015-17) for violin, soundtrack and video


24-27th of March 2017
Mumuth, Graz (A), University of Music and Performing Arts

Video and audio documentation of Slices of Life for future release with the monograph on TransCoding.


27th of April 2017 | 11.00 am, TU Graz
Speed talk on TransCoding at the "Roadshow" of the Austrian Science Fund



24th of January 2016 | 05.00 pm
Ultraschall Festival Berlin

Barbara Lüneburg, presents her new composition "Slices of Life-The Shirt" as part of her solo recital at the Ultraschall Festival, Berlin. The composition is the initial sequence of her multimedia work for "Transcoding–From 'Highbrow Art' to Participatory Culture"
Original material for the video: Katarina Michelitsch

26th of January 2016 | 08.00 pm
Alte Papierfabrik Graz

The multimedia composition "Slices of Life-The Shirt" developed in the framework of "TransCoding" is included in the show "Identity-Undoing Gender" of Barbara Lüneburg's students at the University of Music and Performing Arts. Barbara's student Katarina Michelitsch has developed the video material for the composition as part of the course work and in doing so has become a member of the what-if-community. Future collaboration on the project is planned.


Friday, 22nd of April 2016, 20 hrs
Mumuth, Graz, University of Music and Performing Arts, "Lange Nacht der Forschung"

The audiovisual installation "Read me" in the personalised versions of Clio Montrey (Poland/Austria), Gloria Guns (Canada), Ricardo Mateus (Colombia), Alina Murkhzahanova (Russia) and Maria Eppensteiner (Austria) will be exhibited at the "Austrian Night of Research" as part of the contributions of the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz.


Saturday, 12th of March 2016, 11.30-12.30 hrs
Mozarteum Salzburg (A), Conference 'European New Music Festivals as Agorai'

Barbara Lüneburg, delivers a lecture-recital on her research regarding collaborations between performers and festival promoters at the conference 'European New Music Festivals as Agorai' in Salzburg. Title of her lecture-recital: "The Artist-Promoter Relationship-Necessary Evil or Creative Potential?"



13.-15th of November 2015
Artistic Needs & Institutional Desires

As part of the management team of the artistic doctoral school (University of Music and Performing Arts Graz), Dr. Barbara Lüneburg participated in the symposium „Artistic Needs & Institutional Desires“ of the UdK in Berlin. From 13.-15.11.2015 topics of "artistic research" were investigated in round table discussions.

Friday, 06 November 2015
Festival 52. Glazbena Tribina Opatija 2015 Hotel Imperial Opatija/Croatia

Barbara Lüneburg talks on the research project "Transcoding | What if".
Exhibition of the interactive audio-visual installation "Read me" in the personalized versions for Gloria Guns, Clio Montrey, Alina Murkhzahanova and Ricardo Tovar Mateus.


09./10. October 2015
Forum Dr.artium 2015: A Symposium on the topic of Artistic Research
, Ira-Malaniuk-Saal, Reiterkaserne, Graz

As a keynote speaker Dr. Barbara Lüneburg talks about "Artistic Research in an Artist's Biography".


10.-16. September 2015
Schmiede Hallein, An International Artist Gathering in Hallein, Austria

Barbara Lüneburg exhibits the prototype of "Read me" and invites visitors and guests of the event to personalise the installation for themselves.

"Read me – personalized version for Clio EM (September 2015), concept and composition – Barbara Lüneburg, voice – Clio Em, photograph of Clio Em: ©Unison Shot, texts – Klara du Plessis "Mannequins", National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies, 1913



26th of September 2014
European Researchers' Night 2014, Vienna, Aula der Wissenschaften

Performance of What if we had wings? for violin, soundtrack and text based video. The first artwork realised in the framework of TransCoding featuring text contributions by community members.