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The blog what-ifblog.net is the main participatory online platform of TransCoding. It serves as a means to provide content and a focus to the different media channels we use.

What is the artistic frame we offer to our audience at www.what-ifblog.net?

Guestblog of Anahit Mugnetsyan on what-ifblog.net

Guest blog post by What if?-community member Anahit Mughnetsyan

What if? is an arts project about identity. We are looking for people who would like to join us in the creation of a worldwide arts project. The plan is to build an online/offline community who exchanges ideas and inspiration on how to find your very own identity, to free yourself from gender expectation and embrace life with all its opportunities.

What if? is situated between popular culture and high art. It is for women and men, professional artists and home producers. Everybody is invited to participate in the community with any means of expression: music of all genres, poetry, prose, drawings, photos, videos, interviews, links, ideas.

Why do we want to engage via social media?

The media are important in forming moral concepts and the development of identities. The key features of web 2.0 on the other hand allow for free classification of information (folksonomy), user participation in the form of crowd sourcing and contribution through evaluation, review and commenting. Thus users are empowered to shape their medial reality. The contents are made available to share, reuse, distribute and edit as a sign of basic trust. A wide dissemination and dispersion allows for content delivery via multiple channels including file sharing and permalinks. (WebAppRater 2010)