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The Arts Team:

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Barbara Lüneburg– project leader, research, composition and violin
LIA – art work for the „what if?“ social media sites, visual advisor
Damian Stewart – software programming

The Research Team:

Dr. Barbara Lüneburg – project leader, research, composition and violin
Clio Montrey – social media strategist
Kai Ginkel – junior researcher


Barbara Lüneburg, project leader

Project leader Dr. Barbara Lüneburg (DE/AT) is a performing artist of international reputation in the fields of contemporary music, violin, viola, electric violin and multimedia. Her arts based research focuses on the creative potential of performance practice in new music with an emphasis on collaboration, creativity, relation performer-audience and charisma (trait approach, as a social process, dramaturgical approach and theatrical perspective). For her doctoral studies at Brunel University London, she explored theories from media sciences and music sociology as well as psychology and creativity research for their uses in arts practice. She built theoretical concepts usable in performance and art (coding), applied the process of theoretical sampling and drew comparisons between performance situations in different countries, continents and socio-cultural contexts applying the steps of Grounded Theory.

In the current project she will continue her research on collaboration and performer-audience relation. In Barbara Lüneburg’s function as artistic director and manager of ensemble Intégrales (from 1997-2012), an internationally performing chamber music group for contemporary music, she has gained invaluable experience in management, acquisition of funding, PR and leadership, which will come to the benefit of this project. Additionally Lüneburg teaches at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz in the artistic doctoral school. Several of her students have had appearances at international festivals. www.barbara-lueneburg.com

Lia, visual advisor and programmer

Visual advisor and programmer LIA (AT) is considered one of the pioneers of software and net art and has been producing works since 1995. Her practice spans across video, performance, software, installations, sculpture, projections and digital applications. The artist’s primary working material is code, which consists of LIA translating a concept into a formal written structure that then can be used to create a “machine” that generates real-time multimedia outputs. Since her concept is fluid - opposed to the formality of the written code that requires engineered precision - the translation process between machine and artist can be viewed like a conversation.

Her Internet works combine various traditions of drawing and painting with the aesthetic of digital images and algorithms. They are characterized by a minimalist quality, and by an affinity with conceptual art. She regularly works interdisciplinary and collaborates with composers and performers. She has a teaching position at the University of Applied Science in Graz. www.liaworks.com

Software Programmer Damian Stewart (NZ/AT) is a highly qualified programmer and artist working with light, sound, and technology. As Sound Section Leader in the openFrameworks project he helped to actively develop openFrameworks „an open source C++ toolkit designed to assist the creative process by providing a simple and intuitive framework for experimentation“. (openFrameworks 2013) Damian’s recent art work includes installations, light performances, and environment sonification pieces. His diverse background encompasses studies in electroacoustic music, interior architecture, and computer science. He is a professional software programmer for interactive museum installations as much as PlayStation2 games. As member of the New Interfaces for Performance (N.I.P.) collective, he has performed internationally alongside artists including Biosphere and Deadbeat, and collaborated on many international projects.

Damian’s vast expertise in programming and at the same time experience in the arts makes him an ideal partner for TransCoding. www.damianstewart.com

Clio Montrey, Social Media Manager

Social Media Strategist and Junior Researcher Clio Montrey (CAN/PL/AT) is a composer, mezzo-soprano, and social media professional working across various genres. Having already managed social media channels for several arts organizations, she has developed a particular affinity for multimedia projects. The recipient of several musical awards and distinctions, Clio received three grants from the Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur (BMUKK), Austria for her creative work. A graduate of both composition (BMus McGill, MA Konservatorium Wien, Postgrad. MDW) and performance programs (Dipl. Konservatorium Wien).

Clio is a versatile composer-performer who often interprets the pieces she creates. In addition to her work in the contemporary classical field, Clio is a dedicated singer-songwriter, exploring the folk music approach to creativity and allowing this to intersect with her more formal path. Her main interest in social media is the facilitation of online forums for expressing creativity. http://cliomontrey.com/

Kai Ginkel, Social Media Manager

Junior Researcher Kai Ginkel (DE/AT) is a sociologist specializing in qualitative methods. Having finished the postgraduate programme Sociology of Social Practices at the Institute of Advanced Studies (Vienna) in 2015, his recent research for his doctoral thesis at the University of Eichstätt has been all about a praxeological perspective on sound, i.e. the various ways in which sound and music are being not only heard, but felt, collectively negotiated, and embodied, developing his analyses through means of participant observation in the field of Noise music.

Before his academic work, Kai used to be a writer for German music magazine Spex. In addition, Kai also is a musician in the field of experimental electronic music, releasing records and playing occasional live performances under the Phirnis moniker.